The Second Copernican
Revolution is Approaching.

HoloGenesis is an early-stage tech startup with a search engine for meaning and deep insight. Our times require more than consumer-oriented search results. People hungering for change need a new way to explore information that helps them inquire more deeply, see more holistically, think more critically, connect more meaningfully, and take more responsible action for the good of all. So we’re developing HoloSearch,™ the new visual search experience of time, space and awe. We think it just might change everything.

HoloGenesis technology (HOLO), is much more than a search engine; it is an entirely new way of exploring relevance – within information and media – using web browsers, smartphones, HDTVs and other connected devices. Like a search engine, HoloSearch helps you find what you seek. But more than providing results in pages and lists, HoloSearch fills any screen you use with rich, personally relevant connections to people, places, ideas, videos, maps, timelines, infographics… then lets you continuously drive, discover, learn and share within social networks, from blogs, and in the websites of our corporate and organization partners.

To see the latest simple example in action, find out about our new HoloWidget for Personal Life Media, engineered to help this peerless podcast network take audio brand marketing to the nth degree.